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We let our works to speak for itself rather than say about it.

bench Flix 1200+ Short Films Submitted
Bench Cast 4000+ Actors’ profile
Bench Subs 80+ Movies subtitled
Bench Talkies 2+ Edition Released in
Bench Ads 10+ New-age Ad-films
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News? Happenings? Posts? Events? We have it all covered that is happening with us at our blog . Well, our blog isn’t just informative, it for sure motivates and inspires the raw talents out there leading them to the right direction in pursuit of their passion.

What we do

As we put our efforts to bring out the raw and fresh talents out there, we need ourselves to be on toes, up and running. We believe, only by keeping ourselves updated with the latest technology will help us recognize the best of the talents that are out there and we do it by indulging ourselves in providing the best of the services in the mentioned sections.

Casting Solutions

Tick off the casting check box and leave the rest to us.


Our team of multi-lingual professionals not only takes care of the translation but also successfully uphold the mood & the context of every scene in your project.

Shortfilm Ads

Short film ads are the best way to entertain and do business. This being our forte, we assure you the best quality of short films ads.

Commercial Ads

We work with the leading new gen ad makers in the industry whose Ads can take your business/product beyond imagination.

Celebrity Management

We have the contacts, all we need is the date and time of your brand's events.

Film Distribution

Bench Flix is a technical platform that strives to attain 3 Rs (Reach, Recognition & Revenue) for Independent & Short Film Makers through various distribution channels.

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Our Clients

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Know More About Us

We know we can’t boast but we sure know that we are confident on what we do and how our actions can lead us to our goals.

We know what it takes to prove our worth to the outside world. We have been there and we have done that! Now we feel it is our duty to help other fellow creative minds to achieve their personal best and keep alive, the ever bright creative spirit. Stone bench, with its technology wing and the media wing, will be an ideal platform for aspiring film makers.
We are a group of dedicated, innovative and young enthusiastic professionals who are ready to scale new heights and make a difference in the entertainment industry. We provide a unique platform for people who want to make their own mark. We are all geared to provide technology solutions to the entertainment industry, ready to partner with you for a holistic solution.
To provide innovative media solutions to creative minds and promote talents.
To become the one-stop solution for all technology needs, to showcase and promote creative talent and let everyone unleash their creative fire that is dormant within. Also, to enhance and enable the film industry with solutions that helps various stakeholders to earn the 3 R's Recognition, Reputation and Remuneration by exhibiting their quality creations.

Our Professional Team

One word that unites us - PASSION and here are the passionate team members.

Karthik Subbaraj

The Spark

Kaarthekeyan Santhanam

The Accelerator

Ezhil Arasan Babaraj

Techie Guru

Kalyan Shankar

The Voice

Pavan Narendra

The catalyst

Charukesh Sekar

The Brains

Ashok Narayanan


Madhan Shanmugam

The Pre-Cautioner

Pradeep K Vijayan



The Curator


The Pre-Cautioner

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